UCSC signs agreement to host the 2022 Oceanographic Conference

Under the slogan “Marine Science in a Time of Change”, Next version of Ocean Science Conference 2022, The event will take place from 23 to 27 May next year and in Catholic University of the Holy Cord (Ucsc) and its Science College as hosts.

And it is that, recently, the House of Studies of the Biobío Region, together with the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences, signed an agreement to host the 41st edition of the event that traditionally brings together academics, researchers and preschool students. Postgraduate studies in the field of marine sciences. Conferences, plenary sessions, symposiums, workshops, video nights, courses, oral presentations and posters, among other activities, are contemplated, indicating a return to existence after several months of the pandemic and remote operations for which more than 400 participants from all over the world are expected to be received. throughout Chile and beyond.

the doctor Christian Melado The Dean of Ucsc, appreciated the initiative, emphasizing that “As Ucsc, we strive to develop high-level research and bring together an event of such quality and tradition that we have the capacity to organize. In addition, we have researchers who contribute to the development of marine sciences. As UCSC we have a historic mission in this field and we are very pleased that it can be accomplished.”

In this sense, the doctor Marcelo Oliva The president of the Chilean Oceanographic Society emphasized that “We are absolutely certain that this conference will once again be as important and helpful as previous editions. We have received many inquiries from both the partners and the scientists involved in the event, who are motivated to be a part of this 2022 edition. This Congress receives not only scientists from Chilean marine sciences, but also from abroad. ”We hope that a large number of students and members of the academic and scientific community will participate, and that we will be personally again, and can share our experiences and research Plus everything we’ve lived through in this new reality in terms of the restrictions we’ve had because of the pandemic. Sharing how our research responds in times of change is key,” completed Dr. Paula Gonzalez, Academician in the University of California College of Science and Chair of the Organizing Committee.

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It should be noted that the invitation to participate in the Ocean Science Conference 2022 opens on December 27, through it official web And in their respective social networks.

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