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Maintenance of the large windows and a new consulting room is part of the work on the building.

Renovation work on building National Library Luis Cardoza, Aragon and National Newspapers Library BA. Clemente Marroquín Rojas Keep evolving.

At this stage , maintenance For the interior and exterior windows, glass that had been put in place at the time of the building’s construction and which was in almost complete deterioration was removed. Rust is removed from the frames, a special coating is also applied and new glass is laid that will allow sufficient lighting and ventilation of the room.

Pictured: Herbert Garcia

Another space that is intervened is the toilets of the National Library, with the aim of providing a better service to the public attending the said agency.

Consultation room

The Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage subordinate Ministry of Culture and Sport, Mario Maldonado, indicates that the National Newspaper Library is developing a project to expand the consulting room. In addition, there will be a dedicated exhibition area, and it is also planned to expand the archive of newspapers, magazines and documents to what currently occupies the consulting room.

Deputy Minister Mario Maldonado is overseeing the work that will be handed over later this year. Pictured: Herbert Garcia

This series of projects seeks to improve the facilities infrastructure to attract young people, revitalizing these spaces as the pandemic allows; development of various activities for the whole audience”, Maldonado adds.

A special filter will be placed on windows that have direct access to demographic documents, so that direct light does not affect the documentary heritage.

This building was built to the standards of the fifties, and due to the passing of the years, it must be adapted to the needs of the present, even with the expectation of its growth in the future.

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The project implemented in the complex aims to promote national culture. Pictured: Herbert Garcia

These works are scheduled to be delivered in the third week of December. During 2022, projects will continue to improve lighting and air conditioning, the new headquarters of the Directorate of Documentary and Bibliographical Heritage, and the reorganization of spaces in the National Library and Newspaper Library.


Cristo de Papel, with a presence of more than 50 years, will be located at a strategic point in the new consulting room, to be considered by users.

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