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Pachuca de Soto, Jan. 24 /HIDALGO NEWS/. – More than 1,500 high school students have participated in science immersion sessions at the Autonomous University of Hidalgo, an initiative that aims to bring science closer to Garza youth attached to the entity’s 15 different campuses.

“One of our key points is to sow the seeds of technological innovation at the baccalaureate level and, in due course, achieve technological transformation in all of our academic units,” said Yoann Sydt-Beltran Martinez, Director of Academic Services at the highest house. Hidalgo Studies.

High school students carried out practices in the fields of physics, biology, and chemistry within the laboratory unit of High School Number One. Among the topics they studied: observation of cellular structures, Coulomb’s law, voltage pulse, interpretation of emission spectrum by flame coloration, among others.

Later they moved to the Knowledge City where they participated in a cycle of conferences with professionals from the United Arab Emirates. Among the topics covered are “Metaverse”, “Hitting the Future… Technologies for Centennial Age”, “Posters in Mexico from a Nutritional Point of View”, “The World and Its Demons from a Scientific Perspective”, as well as “The Evolution of Dinosaurs”.

As a final activity, a tour was made of the central laboratory unit, located within the Institute for Basic Science and Engineering (ICBI), which contains four units equipped with the highest quality technological devices from Germany.

Within the new university infrastructure, secondary school students were introduced to glassblowing workshops; electronic repairs and maintenance; In addition to the paleontological laboratory, the largest space in the project where fossils of plants, invertebrates, fish, microvertebrates, macrovertebrates and recent comparative materials discovered in Hidalgo will be studied and housed, in addition to neighboring entities.

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“The fact that a student from a municipality so far away from the metropolitan area of ​​Pachuca can have such an experience is motivating. As a university, we feel proud to be involved in this great initiative,” stated Beltrán Martinez.

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