Two players from the same Premier League team realize they are a pair in front of their teammates

It seems as stated ‘the sun’And the Two players from the same English Premier League team announced to their teammates that they are a married couple. Both of them did not want to reveal their names but came out of the closet in front of the rest of their colleagues.

A source explained to the British newspaper, “They decided not to reveal publicly though Nobody is embarrassed and it could happen in the future.”.

This same person confirmed that he wanted to tell his colleagues because “They saw no need to hideWhy are they? No one was bothered from afar and they had the coach’s support and the club’s hierarchy.”

None of the guys want to reveal their sexual orientation because they don’t want to risk that if they do from now on they can be looked at with a magnifying glass.

“During the season, they wanted to focus on football. While making a statement would be a positive thing, It can distract you from his performance on the field. His teammates have also been asked not to say anything in public to protect their privacy.”

Did Lineker really expect it?

Just a month ago, Gary Lineker, a former English footballer, He confirmed that he knows two footballers from the English Premier League who are gay She encouraged someone to find out about his sexuality during the World Cup in Qatar.

“It would be great to have one or two of them come out of the closet during the World Cup. It would be great. I know for a fact that some have been very close and have seen them. There is a couple that I know, but obviously it’s not for me to say who they are.” Gary Lineker confirmed to the British Daily Mirror.

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Daniels revealed his homosexuality in March

last March Jake Daniels, soccer player from Blackpoolwho currently plays in second place in English, He openly declared his homosexuality In a statement issued by the club itself.

The footballer, a 17-year-old who belongs to the academy of this club in north-west England, was first professional To speak frankly about their sexuality in the UKAnd the Since Justin Fashanu did it in 1990… 32 years ago.

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