Two new Heads of Internal Medicine and Gynecology were introduced. At Forli, he specialized in ovarian cancer

After entering service in recent weeks, the new chief physician at Morgagni-Pierantoni Hospital in Forl, and professionals who will work to promote public health in two departments, have introduced themselves. “Our expectations for these two new physicians are high,” explains CEO Tiziano Carrador, in both the internal medicine sector and the obstetrics and gynecology sectors. Meanwhile, work continues to replace vacancies in primary schools in Oslo, Romania: “When this address was created in Romania, there were 54 complex buildings that were not covered – adds Mattia Altini, Director of Health – with great commitment we were able to create and cover, In a few months, as many as 30 of these structures. Significant result. ”

Our Interviews – The interview with Chief Physician Paulo MuratoriThe interview with Lucca Saveli Primary School

New articles Paulo MuratoriDirector of the Internal Medicine Unit and Luca Saveli, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit. Paolo Muratori, 53, from Rimini, has been Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in the Department of Science for Quality of Life at the University of Bologna since the fall of 2019, the University of Bologna referred to his name and in a few we will be teaching medical students now in the first year. Reviewer for numerous journals specializing in internal medicine, hepatology, immunology, and gastroenterology. He has 124 scientific publications indexed for his account and commissioned by the University of Bologna. Luca SaveliOn the other hand, he came by competition: after working for twenty-five years in the Santa Ursula Clinic, as a medical director, he gained eligibility as a university professor of the first and second levels. He performed 3,275 operations, of which 2,965 were the first. His specialty is ultrasound diagnostics in oncology and reproductive medicine.

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Paolo Masbury, Director of Forli Hospital, said the competition will be launched in June to cover the management of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit in Forli. At this point, only the direction of the radiographs and the histopathology will be revealed. In summary, the organizational chart of the medical management of Forli Hospital is almost complete.

“I found a beautiful environment to welcome myself – explains Muratori – and thought, as soon as I arrived, I would immediately meet with the family doctors to immediately activate a fruitful collaboration, which is essential to help with citizenship. A great opportunity also, I say this as a teacher, is represented at Forl through the certification course In medicine, which was activated this year in this hospital. In a few years, we will be able to see what we see in the Hotel Sant Ursula in Bologna, where the wings are filled with interns, students and postgraduate students eager to learn. An important presence for the whole region. ” The so-called challenge Muratori is the increasingly effective link between the hospital and its own ward, the largest with 64 beds, and local medicine. For Karaduri, in fact, “We must work increasingly outside the hospital for those leaving the hospital and avoiding those who enter,” and the hospital structure is only used for acute cases.

There are also innovations in gynecology. In fact, Forl has been defined in the vast region of Oussel Romania as a center of excellence for ovarian cancer, with just over a hundred cases of ovarian cancer needing them annually, due to the lack of attention and its severity. Focus on where the majors are. Special attention is also given to infertility problems. “Forli Hospital – says Saveli – is nationally recognized for the prevention and treatment of cancer. My goal here is to implement laparoscopic surgery and to prevent and treat infertility. Encouraging research is also essential, which adds value to the healthcare activity.” After arriving in Forli, Saveli introduced Carlo Flamini as one of his professional parents, a world-famous gynecologist in Forli who died last year and the father of assisted fertilization in Italy.

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From Saveli, it is also believed that the steep drop in births has been affecting our country for years. In addition to the economic and social aspects, explains the new head of the Gynecology Service, there is mainly an imbalance between the biological clock and the social clock, with the best biological age group for motherhood being between 20 and 25 years old. While looking socially after about ten years. ‘Years’.

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