The Venezuelan Socialists Work to Select Candidates for the Elections – Prensa Latina

The Socialist leader stressed in a televised speech that “the United Socialist Party of the Socialist Indians is ready to go to and win huge elections, and we know how to win and defend the elections.”

He stressed that this political force provided a platform that will be discussed in all states to consult with the people on the proposals as stipulated in the regulations that will be announced next Monday in the face of primary elections within the organization.

Capello pointed out that the mechanism that will be implemented for the regional election process is the most democratic because it will ensure that candidates can be measured under equal conditions, chosen by the hardliners, until they are finally selected. They are selected and will measure in the electoral contest.

Once the National Electoral Council (CNE) sets the election date, the United Socialist Party Council, chaired by its president Nicolas Maduro, agreed to use primaries as an ideal method for allowing regional leaders to run as potential candidates in order to give greater participation.

For its part, the National Elections Council announced, last week, a schedule of preparations to establish, as of June 1, a special day for registering and updating the registry of voters, which will last for 45 days.

Likewise, the rules for the electoral system for voting have been established, whereby 23 governors, 335 mayors, and members of legislative and municipal councils are elected.

According to the bylaws, 60 percent of provincial and municipal legislators will be elected through proportional representation, according to the votes obtained by each party, and the remainder nominally.

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