Classic rail workers from Argentina give their support to the UK transport strike

The wave of strikes rocking Europe and especially the United Kingdom, driven among other things by the increase in the cost of living as a result of inflation, its position in transport and led by workers in this sector; In the case of the United Kingdom, they are those grouped in National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT For its acronym in English) the main activators of packaging. The orange rail set (driven by rail in Socialist Workers’ Party In the fatto and independent) from social networks for some of its references in the lines miter s Stone He expressed his support as part of the Solidarity Campaign and spread this fight in Argentina against the adaptation and exclusion that his peers face in the Anglo-Saxon country.

“The battle led by more than 50,000 railway workers against an 11% rise in prices due to inflation is an example that moves us because it will be the path we should take here in Argentina, as inflation reduces the purchasing power of a salary every month, further affecting the precarious and the unemployed,” said Augusto Dorado, who works in the maintenance sector in Villas, in the town of Berazategui, south of Greater Buenos Aires.

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“All the solidarity and support of our fellow railways in the UK, we are the same working class. As we say here, the working class is one without borders,” Andres Padillaro, a railway worker in the cleaning sector greeted from the station Darius and Maxi (It was named this way in honor of the unemployed workers killed by state repression in 2002.) Badelaro was one of those who led a historic victory for the offshore workers who were able to enter a permanent factory in 2010.

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