Trujilano finished third in the US Quadcross Championships

Leaving the name of Peru high, pilot Trujillo, Patrick Alarcon Martinez, Team Racing’s TAG Desing placed third in the AMA Pro Racing ATV MX quad’s crossover at Loretta Lynch’s family farm in Tennessee. United StateThis amateur motocross race is the largest in the world.

The competition was recorded on August 14 and 15, the first day the national pilot participated in two minor categories of the competition, so that he could adapt to the track and take them as training, and was able to qualify for the main competition the next day.

In this competition in her class, Patrick Alarcón managed to beat rain and mud on the championship course. During the course of the event he finished third, but two rounds before, he slipped back to fourth, so he had to do his best on the last lap to get to the podium in third.

The young driver, a native of Trujillo, has been competing in various championships for over 15 years; His passion for motors was born after his father, he is also a car and quad cross racer, titin arconelliIn addition to being his coach now.

“We’ve competed in many national championships and it’s time to take part in an international run, and the decision we made was the right one, because we were in a privileged place. We have invitations to go to others, and we are in the process of evaluating them,” the national pilot told La República newspaper.

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