Tennis player Naomi Osaka’s mysterious tweet that she later deleted

File photo of former Japanese tennis player World No. 1 Naomi Osaka (EFE / EPA / MICHAEL REYNOLDS)

Naomi Osaka was surprised by her post on Twitter That only lasted a few minutes and then I decided to erase it.

“People who lie to impress others are so lame. You look stupid, dude” (“People who lie to impress are very stupid. You look stupid, my friend.”), was the crucial message for the former world number 1 Japanese tennis player.

The mysterious tweet deleted by Naomi Osaka went viral
The mysterious tweet deleted by Naomi Osaka went viral

Although the post was deleted soon after, Catch has gone viral And they fired all kinds of comments. While Some users asked him to relax and showed him all their sincerity, Others agreed with his message and related their own experiences.

“I hope Naomi-chan doesn’t get distracted by a third-class person. We Japanese love Naomi,” “I agree with the Queen. Happy thanks to you and your family. We love you” and “It’s so annoying because they want to be seen a certain way” were some of the posts.

Although it appeared to those who took it as a joke, too. Another user wrote with a smiley emoji: “It’s crazy to think there are really no adults…only older kids everywhere.”

Naomi Osaka used her social networks a few days ago where she said,I was shocked by the situation” from Bing ShuaiA Chinese tennis player who has been missing for 10 days after the country’s former communist leader was accused of raping her.

Finally, last Sunday, the head of the Olympic Committee spoke with the Chinese tennis player and revealed that she was “fine”. Thomas Bach had a 30-minute conversation in which the player confirmed that he was in good health and told her that she was not thinking of retiring

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Censorship is never acceptable wherever it comes. I hope Peng Shuai and her family are in good health and well.“, general employment Twitter The Japanese player with the image of the missing person.

I was shocked by the current situation and sent love and light your wayThe double hero of . has been added US Open (2018, 2020) and Australian Open (2019, 2021) who pulled out of the ring to take A ‘gap for a while’ season upset by anxiety issues and various ’bouts of depressionThis happened after the US Open was eliminated in September.

however, Weeks ago, Naomi Osaka hinted at her return to the ring by posting photos of her standing on a tennis court holding a racket. Four-time Grand Slam champion He has struggled to stay fit since withdrawing from the French Open in May after a row with tournament officials About the required media appearance, which she said had a negative impact on her.

At the time of her shock third-round loss to Canadian Leila Fernandez at Flushing Meadows, she said she did not know when she would play her next tennis match. “A little rusty, but it’s good to be back” wrote the 24-year-old Japanese man. Twitter With a picture of her smiling and leaning on the net.

It was not clear if Osaka would compete in the Australian Open, where she was a two-time champion. This will take place between Monday 17 January and Sunday 30 January 2022.

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