Truck rest ran out: 13 hour shifts for minimum wage

For months, it was There are no airlines in the UK It made the front pages of the international press. Immigration laws imposed by Brexit have collided with the global supply crisis and Covid-19 and created chaos. However, the problems affecting this sector are not limited to British soil.

In Spain there was no necessary generational change Companies stress that labor shortages could begin to affect the economy in the medium term, as shown Juan Jose Gil, Secretary-General of Fenadismer, National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain. Its services, i.e. those of carriers, were considered essential during the state of alarm and throughout the lull. They were understood to be “necessary for the maintenance of basic functions and social and economic well-being”.

However, these companies, like most of them, were not immune to the blow of Covid-19, and now, they also must deal with rising energy costs. gasoline and Diesel accumulates eight consecutive weeks of increases It does not appear that this development will change for the time being. The situation has highlighted a sector forgotten most of the time, and its crisis is deeper and comes from behind.

Employment data suggests that there will be workers willing to board the truck, even if it means, for example, a change of residence… So why is the supply and demand for labor out of balance? The first reason is the salary, or rather all the working hours that are not paid as detailed Jesus BallesterosAnd Head of Land Transport and Logistics Sector at CCOO. “The driver doesn’t get paid for his hours… When the driver gets in and out of the truck, maybe 12, 13, or 14 hours have passed and the companies only pay him the time the car is running (…) if I finally make a computation of my salary between Twelve hours a day, you will get a rate/hour that is close to the minimum salary for professionals.”

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With no recognized occupational diseases, with increasing pressure to meet deadlines and a worker having to pay their driver’s license fees, the profession is no longer attractive. This necessary generational change does not happen and Spain has the oldest fleet in Europe, with an average age of over 50 years.

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