Top 5 uses of a will

Making a will is a daunting task- no one wants to spend so much time on what would happen after their death. However, it is one of the most important things that any person can do in their lifetime. It is an opportunity to secure your life’s work after your death, and it legally protects your loved ones. You are bound to require legal help while drafting the will. Sacramento probate attorneys are a valuable and highly accessible resource. These are some practical reasons to get in touch with an attorney right now to draft your will:

1)    Choosing your minor children’s caretakers

Death can befall us at any time, and the wills are the only way you can ensure who their caretaker is going to be. At the death of one of the parents, the surviving parent gets sole guardianship. In case of both parents’ death, the court gets to decide the guardian.

The guardian has to take care of the financial needs, and this can impact your child’s entire life. So it is bound to be a huge relief to be able to decide the guardian in your will.

2)    Streamlining the probate process

All of your assets, from properties to bank accounts, will have to go through the probate process after your death. Through your will, you can decide who gets to take care of it and handle all of your affairs. Otherwise, the court would have to appoint a personal representative.

Usually, it can result in lengthy fights between family members, a lot of red tapes, and incur more expense. However, you can save a lot of hassle for your loved ones and make the entire process smoother for everyone involved.

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3)    Deciding who gets your assets

It is common knowledge that you get to decide who to leave your properties to. You can divide it equally between loved ones and to people beyond your family members too. You can also name beneficiaries for particular assets too.

A caveat that most people don’t know is that you also get to choose who cannot receive any one of your properties. If you don’t want to leave it to an ex-spouse, or certain family members, you can detail that in your will.

4)    Deciding who to leave your digital assets too

You also get to choose who handles your online accounts and what you want to be done with your digital properties. Whether you want the accounts closed or don’t want some people getting access to it, you can detail it all in your will.

In an increasingly digitized world, our social media profiles and emails contain secrets and a history that we would want others to be sensitive to. You get to do that through the will legally.

5)    Give funeral instructions

It is hard to think about your funeral, but you get to inscribe how you want it to be handled legally. While these instructions aren’t legally binding, they can guide your loved ones on what you would have preferred.


These are five valuable details you can include in your will. These crucial details can give a lot of personal relief and save time, money and stress for your loved ones.

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