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Now yes, multiple champion Javier Martinez has retired. photo: vs.

Historic Javier Martinez, for the third time, announced his retirement from professional basketball. According to him, this return is already final.

Ex player now Posting a wide message on his social networks.

“I retired mid 2016 (Argentina), mid 2019 and now mid 2023 (Olympia) but this time the final haha. Every day you learn something and this one is no exception, you learn to enjoy everyday life and celebrate victory or heroism, as well as accept defeat; For the first time, I don’t have the chance to play a final in my country.20 leagues, 13 leagues, 6 sub-leagues The last time we were in third place),” he began.

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Martinez He maintains that he does not scold or regret “anything”, although “everything would have been different” if he had taken care of his knee when he played at Corinth. (2007).

Martinez She debuted in 1995 at Sol de America. Much of his career has been spent in Argentine basketball, though he has also staged in Italy and Spain.

In May 2016 he had already announced his retirement, but Olympia recovered (2017) from the injury he had and with his hand returned to the top of the national basketball after a great drought.

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Martinez plunged into retirement again in 2019, but was lured back in with an offer from the Olympia Kings in March last year.

I just want to thank everyone, colleagues, DT’s, leaders and above all the kinesiologists for their patience, Gustavo Pistilli, the crack, and his team who take care of me every single day, the magician Carlitos Gamarraque lengthened my career in 2017 when I met him”gold.

on her future, shown. “Luckily I have a job at the club that has supported me since I arrived in the countryboys A little basketball and training will keep me very busy and when the time comes, it will be time to lead the first division“.

“I leave full of good moments and memories but at the same time free from giving absolutely everything. A separate paragraph for all my family, Emma and Maura, my chest, my support, my endurance, my best fans, my whole life and my biggest motivation, to 4 ladies, who are my biggest trophy And the best thing that ever happened to me in life is thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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