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Nicaragua raises the damage caused by Julia to 300 million dollars

The Nicaraguan government has raised the damage caused by Julia to $300 million, which was hit last October 9 with the strength of a Category 1 hurricane and was later downgraded to a tropical storm, according to a preliminary report released on Saturday.

Last Thursday, the Nicaraguan Executive Authority calculated the damage caused by Julia between 160 and 200 million dollars. However, the government’s National Damage Assessment Commission raised the amount to $300 million, about 2% of Nicaragua’s gross domestic product.

“We reviewed the initial report and the numbers kept moving where we could have a flow of information as a result of supervision and verification coverage in various municipalities, and these were increasing and we are more than 300 million dollars, two points of GDP,” said the Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Nicaragua, Evan Acosta, for official media.

The minister explained that Julia’s influence was “mainly in the infrastructure sector: about 220 million distributed in energy, transport, road network, road transport, communications and public infrastructure.”

The official explained that the preliminary report does not include the damage caused by the natural phenomenon in the municipalities of El Rama, Laguna de Perlas and Bluefields in the Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.

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