Tlalnepantla has had an afternoon of boxing, and has established itself as a city that promotes the sport – Unomásuno

Tlalnepantla, Mix. – Tlalnepantla witnessed a boxing party as it hosted the World Boxing Council (WBC) Silver Championship, in the flyweight division, a fight in which Jacqueline “Jackie” Calvo was crowned champion, taking her belt from the hands of Mayor President Marco Antonio Rodríguez Hurtado.

The mayor witnessed the six fights that took place in the Town Hall, starring between Jackie Calvo against Marie “Polvorita” Salinas, who gave the attendees a high-profile show that culminated in Jacqueline’s victory by unanimous decision.

During the Saturday afternoon, the Telanipantenses team enjoyed Jose Oswaldo Barron’s battles against Omar Alejandro Vazquez, in his professional debut. Emilio Chavez vs Lionel Lopez. Abel Cruz vs Salvador Lopez. Gabriel Terran vs. Isaias Ulysses Parada; and Jorge Gonzalez, who also made his professional debut against Brian Gaspari.

When the main fight arrived, the audience turned to support Jackie Calvo, who, showing signs of professional boxing, delivered accurate blows to his opponent, earning him favorable ratings from the judges, and was able to be crowned the silver world champion.

To the shout of “Jackie, Jackie, Jackie” the ten rounds in which boxers fought, overwhelmingly dominated Jacqueline Calvo, thus cementing her place in the world of boxing.

With this type of event, the Tlalnepantla government is committed to uniting the municipality that promotes sports as a way for children and young people to participate in sports, while excluding bad behaviors and vices that only affect their physical and mental health.

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Evidence of this is that through the Municipal Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, the Box School was opened, which is open to Tlalnepantlans from Monday to Friday from 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the evening and from 4:00 in the evening at 8:00. evening.

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