“Innocent, innocent!”: Johnny Depp receives love and support from his fans in the UK

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Johnny Depp She was loved by her fans in Scotland and England. With the help of Jeff Beck, the actor has returned to public activitiesbeing part of the UK concert, which brought him closer to his fans after winning the defamation trial against Amber Heard.

During his presentation at Manchester 02 Apollo, the audience greeted the protagonist “Pirates of the Caribbean” with cries of approval and support. Once out of the pool, Johnny Depp has been contacted by fans with the intention of greeting and posing with the Hollywood star.

While at another concert, this time in Scotland, the actor received a special cry. The people in the Glasgow Concert Hall did not hesitate to shout: “Innocent, innocent!”. Before, he had already freaked out when they saw him take to the stage to perform Jeff Beck songs like “What’s Going On?” and “isolation”.

It took about thirty minutes for Johnny Depp to play with the musician, then reappear to perform the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life.”

In parallel, there’s another sign that the actor is still a face that gets the audience’s attention He increases his sales by the perfume called Sauvage de DiorWhich announced seven years ago.

Amber Heard was found guilty of defaming Johnny Depp on Wednesday, June 1. The artist must pay compensation of 15 million dollars, divided into 10 million in compensation and 5 million in punitive damages, and after knowing the ruling, The actor released a statement asserting that “the jury got my life back to normal.”.

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