Tips to motivate you to exercise

Leave the excuses behind and start achieving your goal Playing sports, Not only will it help you gain the weight that you want so much, but it will also keep you healthy and prevent the development of diseases. So, if you are lazy to start, here are some of them Tips to help motivate you.

Make use of all of your day

One of the main excuses for not exercising is to say that we don’t have enough time between all obligations to attend; However, we must tell you that there is.
In a week, there are 168 hours, of which you subtract 56 hours for sleep and another 50 hours for work or school, leaving you 62 free hours during which you can add your workout as an outstanding task.

Envision your future

It’s natural, once you get home, that you start to feel relaxed, especially if you have some temptations of therapists or distractions like TV, so the exercise goes to the background and we leave it for other days.

“I will start exercising next week,” the typical phrase in which we hide ourselves to postpone those sports routines and prefer our rest, but for this, it is necessary to think about the future, what new version you want to be and what you will not achieve if you put laziness first.

Multitasking while playing sports

Sometimes we stop exercising because we prefer reading a book, watching Netflix, catching up with the news, etc., but we have to tell you that, even while exercising, you can continue to make the most of your time, but how?

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You can listen to audiobooks while you exercise, or you can watch Netflix while you strive for your fitness goal – it can be more bearable and fun.

Forget the people in the gym and don’t feel embarrassed

Feeling embarrassed to go to the gym because these exercise fans are going to see you about to start? Stop worrying about it, because these people have also been beginners at some point, plus the fact that you shouldn’t mind accepting the rest, because what’s important is that you take into account your health and well-being.

Although another option is to exercise at home, especially in these days of social confinement, you can take online lessons to start exercising from the comfort of your home.

Don’t think about the fatigue or the effort you’re going to put in

One of the first images we take before a workout is the belief that we will feel very tired, the pain we can feel sometimes and the sweat that we can produce, situations that are usually discouraging.

It is therefore advisable to put these scenarios aside and think about the new version that you are working for and intend to achieve. So … cheer up and be consistent to achieve that body you love so much!

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