The United Kingdom is studying how to monitor quarantine of travelers

  • The Home Office came to consider using Electronic wristbands To control fulfill the isolation, although he ignored the measure for legal reasons

  • Boris Johnson administration is considering passing a € 560 assistance So the pluses remain at home

The UK is studying Borders close To stop entering New strains of Coronavirus, Mainly from Brazil and South Africa, while analyzing the strict measures to force international travelers to comply with Quarantine, Such as Detention in controlled hotels. According to a document from the Interior Ministry leaked by the newspaper ‘Watchman’, Use a Electronic bracelet To monitor the movements of people arriving in the UK. This option was excluded for legal reasons and due to the risk of saturation of the monitoring system itself.

Environment Minister George Eustis acknowledged on Friday that closing the country’s entrances was being considered. “We always review these issues constantly. There are concerns now about the number of mutant variants,” he told Sky News. The matter could be decided next week.

In negotiations with hotel groups

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British authorities will already hold talks with the group Marriott and Holiday Inn To use its hotels at airports and to accommodate travelers coming from abroad during quarantine. The bill for forced clients can run into thousands of pounds. The goal is to keep them grouped and guard them in hotels, as it has already been in Australia and New Zealand. Another possibility being considered is forcing access to lower a Implementation It controls movements during quarantine, and is a system used in Poland.

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Insulation is also an economic problem. Some studies have shown that not all citizens who test positive will comply with the stay-at-home order, because they cannot afford to lose 10 days of their salary. The government is studying the possibility of granting a Help of 500 pounds (560 euros). For all injured to compensate for lost wages. A recent study by L. University College de Londres It revealed that more than a third of those infected Do not isolate yourself when you have symptoms of Coronavirus Less than half of those with symptoms are tested.

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