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We’ll start by explaining the elements that are involved in the operation of our Wi-Fi network. Next, we will proceed to show you different solutions if the Wi-Fi connection drops when downloading, you can take appropriate actions.

What are the elements that affect a good Wi-Fi connection

One of the most important elements is Router. Here we have to look at the bands it supports and the connection speed it can offer. Currently the normal thing is that it is Wi-Fi 5 and that it supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. However, it is increasingly common to see Wi-Fi 6 routers and in the mid-range we will see Wi-Fi 6E with 6 GHz bandwidth included , and in this sense we must take into account two very important sections: the position of the router and the range we are using. We’ll go into more depth later.

Another important factor Neighboring or nearby Wi-Fi networks. At this point, a critical component is Choose the appropriate Wi-Fi channel from the router. The first thing will be necessary to find out what WiFi channels our nearby networks are broadcasting. The most correct way to proceed is to sort all WiFi networks by RSSI, that is, by WiFi signal. Then we choose the channel as far as possible from among the two or three WiFi networks closest to us. Thus, we will avoid interference with the nearby WiFi networks which produce more interference with our WiFi. The program that we can use to perform this function in Windows will be Acrylic WiFi and WirelessNetView.

The third element we must take into account is The computer or device that connects to this router. In this sense, you should know the specifications of the wireless device they are using. This determines the bands you can connect to and your maximum connection speed. Here we can mainly talk about smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers. Then we’ll break it down in more depth where factors like power savings and Wi-Fi card drivers have a lot to say.

To finish this section, we must not forget that Wi-Fi can be disconnected by Having too many devices connected to our router or consuming too much bandwidth. Here we denote both those connected by network cable and WiFi, which ultimately saturate the router.

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Router and bar mode when Wi-Fi disconnects on downloads

One very important point about getting Wi-Fi coverage is how to place the router, where to put it and the things around it. In this sense, we must do it by following the following rules:

  1. It must be in place central as possible So you can evenly distribute Wi-Fi throughout your home.
  2. must be in Average height and with as few obstacles as possible. Therefore, it is preferable to place it on a table or a piece of furniture, preferably made of wood and not closed or placed inside a closet.
  3. the External antenna position-If you have them, it is important. In this sense, in vertical it is better to cover the plant where you are, and horizontally you will get coverage in other plants, but you lose your place. One thing to keep in mind is that the router or access point is designed for use in a single manufacturer.
  4. Try Place the router as far as possible from the base of cordless phones, computers, consoles, and other electronic devices.

you too Consider the WiFi range we are connecting to. If we were in the 2.4GHz band, we would get a lower speed, but we would get more stability over long distances. On the other hand, if we were connected to a 5GHz network, we would have higher speed, but lower range. Therefore, if we are far from the router and do not want to interrupt the download, it will be more convenient to use 2.4 GHz, and if we are close to 5 GHz.

In short, you have to put the router in the right place without putting it in a box, put the external antennas in well, if you have it, and choose the right band.

What to do if the problem is with the router

If the Wi-Fi disconnects while downloading, the router may be the cause. The first thing we’ll start with is Restart the router. also Router Firmware Update It is highly recommended as sometimes improvements and patches are made in the Wi-Fi section. Another thing we can do is switch over As mentioned in a previous section. Thus, through our Internet browser, we enter the router configuration by entering our username and password.

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The latest routers, especially those produced by reputable manufacturers such as ASUS or FRITZ! Box, if you configured it correctly, automatically configure the wireless channel. If you don’t have an automatic, it can be a good starting point to get started. In the first red box you can see how to select the automatic mode. Another option that you can try is to click on the automatic channel update button.

However, it does not always allow you to choose the wireless channel automatically, so it will be necessary to do it manually. For this, I recommend following the tips we laid out in the first section.

And we shouldn’t rule out that the Wi-Fi part is faulty. In this case, it is often noticed that you are only connecting via Wi-Fi near the router, and there comes a time when you will not even see the name of your network. You may also have a Wi-Fi blind spot at home where Wi-Fi coverage does not reach you. In this case, you will need to purchase an access point or a Wi-Fi network system.

Windows PCs and P2P Software

If your Wi-Fi drops while downloading, there is one thing you can improve Update Wi-Fi Card DriverTherefore, we will do the following:

  1. start menu.
  2. we wrote Device Administrator + Enter.
  3. in a network adapters We search for our country and press Driver Update.

This is an example:

On the other hand, Windows doesn’t always have the latest drivers available, so consulting your adapter or laptop manufacturer’s website would be a good idea. We can also Try deleting our Wi-Fi, in case some parameters are the reason for the Wi-Fi connection to be disconnected. To do this, we will follow these steps:

  1. start menu.
  2. session.
  3. red and the internet.
  4. Wi-Fi.
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Here what we have to do is click Known network management.

Then we choose the Wi-Fi network we want to delete by clicking on it stop remembering.

Wi-Fi can also be disconnected when downloading by entering power saving mode. If we wanted to solve this failure, we would go to:

  1. start menu.
  2. we wrote Device Administrator + Enter.
  3. network adapters, we are looking for our button and using the right button we choose properties.
  4. Let’s go to the tab Energy management.

Here we disable the box »Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power» and press to accept.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt start menu to write “Choose a power plan» and review your settings. Check if it sleeps, whether it is closed and the behavior of the lid if it is a laptop. There may be another possible factor Router NAT saturation table by:

  1. Use P2P programs either via cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Several devices are connected simultaneously.

If using P2P software over Wi-Fi, the router’s NAT schedule is saturated earlier because it takes longer to clear connections. In this type of program, it is usually convenient to reduce the sections of the maximum global connections to 50, and the maximum connections per file to 20. After that, you can think about loading them little by little, but without overdoing it.

Wi-Fi adapter, smartphones and tablets

For Wi-Fi adapters, they may be outdated or broken. It’s usually the first, especially in the case of laptops, in which case you might consider buying a new card. Another option to look at is if the Wi-Fi adapter has antennas configured in different positions.

For Android and iOS devices, if the Wi-Fi connection drops when downloading, you can try to delete the wireless network and configure it again. Finally, also in SettingsSee how the power options are configured.

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