Dr.. Luis Gustavo Alvarez Sanchez

They say that a person who acts upright, fair and impartial is a just person.

I begin my article with this word because it is difficult to find a person with such qualities that adorn him.

Dr. Alvarez is also a very possessive guy, I’ve never seen him run over when he’s talking, he knows how to listen and we always see him interested in what someone else says to him.

He was born in Talpa de Allende Jalisco on May 21, 1947. His father, Felipe Castellón Gradela, and his mother, Candelaria Sanchez de la Rosa.

When he was a toddler in preschool and his first year in school, he taught them at Talpa.

In 1954, the family changed their residence to Tijuana, British Columbia, and attended their primary school at 1º de Mayo School, their May 5 high school, and UABC Prep School.

The sea awakened in him his professional career and he decided to study the profession of oceanographer at the Higher School of Marine Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California as part of the fifth generation.

In 1968, a mastodon was found in San Antonio del Mar, and Luis Gustavo Alvarez, Gilberto Flores and Ramon Luna had to dig with all the care involved, transporting the mastodon to marine sciences where it is being protected.

He holds an MSc in Oceanography from Oregon State University, USA, and a Ph.D. from the University of Wales, UK. He was a Principal Investigator in the College of Marine Sciences and is currently a Research Fellow at CICESE, on issues of coastal oceanography and sediment dynamics.

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In 1977 he married Rosa Isela Santillanes Madrigal, an interior designer and gardener, an educated woman and a great expert in growing plants and flowers.

When they left for him to study for a doctorate in Wales, his son Louis was 15 and Monica 13.

They personally spent two years at the university and at a distance with periodic trips.

His thesis was part of research in CICESE “Sediment Dynamics in the Upper Bay of California, Where the Delta of the Colorado River is located.” Publishing articles in scientific research journals.

He studied and investigated the sediments from San Felipe and above. The river brought a lot of sediment (rocks, shell, mud, sand that the water can move. What happens in the delta). Some missionaries considered the Colorado River to be one of the largest rivers in New Spain. On the American side there are very large dams and dams.

Sediments do not allow light to pass through and affect plants and animals.

The port of San Felipe had to be dredged to make it navigable, and the sediments are carried by water and are those brought by the Colorado River.

Organisms protect themselves from murky waters from predators.

He is a founding member of the Association of Oceanographers of Mexico.

Co-author of Coronados Islands, A Natural History and Environment.

Member of the Sea of ​​Cortez Scholars Association.

He worked on studies to create artificial reefs by sinking boats in La Paz, particularly on Isla del Espírito Santo.

Breeding species that breed only on solid substrates.

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Promotion of tourist diving.

Applied oceanography jobs as a consultant.
Investigations in Bahia de Todos Santos and surrounding areas.

A distinguished member of the Early Bird Group.

Distinguished Member of ODECO
Member of the Christian Family Movement with his wife.

Member of the Board of Trustees who built the Church of San Judas Tadeo.

Monica, her daughter married a Swede named David Huslins, a gentleman and lover of her family, and she has two grandchildren.

His son Luis married Luisa Gómez Areola, a Veracruz woman who is the center of her home because of the joy and happiness it gives her, a great wife and they have two grandchildren.

Luis Gustavo is valuable as a citizen, friend, scholar and Catholic who has always known how to embody his faith and has never seen any conflict between faith and science but rather a complement to a whole life.

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