TikTok has become the platform we spend the most time on

According to the latest report from the company Annie app analysis, a Chinese video sharing platform tik tok It is so widely used that its users now prefer it as a hobby over alternatives like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix. The coronavirus pandemic has played a key role in its spread and it finally appears to have happened.

TikTok is the app we spend the most time on

The TikTok is constantly growing in popularity شعبيةAnd to prove it, there is all the news about challenges being discovered through videos posted on this platform, as well as dances, music and of course even people who have become “influencers” or even celebrities (tiktoker). Khaby Lame It is one of his most recent examples). But not only that: the popular app is currently widely used Its users prefer it as a hobby over alternatives like YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix.

Compare with other applications

The The data comes from the analysis company App Annie It refers to the American and English audience, but it is still important given that the habits of this user segment are similar to those of the European audience. In the areas covered by the survey, it was found that Users on average spend more time on the Chinese platform Sharing is more than “mainstream” apps or platforms, which have actually dominated the online entertainment landscape in recent years. From 2019 to 2021, the average number of hours spent on TikTok increased from 12.8 hours per month to 24.5 hours Arrives in 26 hours in the UK; in comparison, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network only uses 17.5 hours per month.

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The role played by the epidemic

Comparison with other platforms shows that TikTok is now the “queen” among platforms: in United States, Instagram is consulted less than 7 hours a month And much less it seems that WhatsApp is being used, while Netflix has proven itself among US users with an average of 5 hours per month. It remains the only online platform that, according to App Annie, is able to defend itself against TikTok Youtube , where users spend on average 22 hours every month. And this is where it’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic has definitely caused people to spend much more time consuming videos of all kinds (especially tutorials or humorous videos) than sitting down to watch a series or movie or start browsing Facebook.

Let’s not forget the confinement where people had to invest hours Exercising, cooking, dancing or getting inspired are also challenges that will distract them and take them out of all the news of the pandemic. And where was all this found? Well precisely and TikTok (And also on YouTube) where videos of a few minutes are better accepted and seem to go on though The predictions that TikTok itself has is that it will continue to grow in the coming months.

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