Bolsonaro will be defeated by candidates in Brazil’s elections – Prensa Latina

In front of former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the ex-military man will be defeated at the polls with 49 to 35 percent of the vote.

In a possible dispute against politician Ciro Gomez, the president would lose by 43 to 33 percent, while he would fail in the second round with former judge Sergio Moro by 34 to 30 percent.

Only the former army captain would tie with former Health Minister Luis Henrique Mandetta by 35 percent, and win Sao Paulo’s governor, João Doria, by 37 to 34 percent.

In voting intentions for the first round, Lula leads by 38 percent and shows Bolsonaro in second place with 26, then Gomez (10) followed by Moro with nine.

Also, according to the investigation, which was conducted between July 5-7, Bolsonaro is at his worst in public opinion.

Now, 52% of respondents rated his administration as bad or bad, which is a two percentage point increase from June (47), and the highest level since the start of his term in January 2019.

For the sample, a thousand telephone interviews were conducted across the country and the maximum margin of error was 3.2 percentage points higher or lower.

Bolsonaro’s unpopularity coincided with the progress of the work of the Senate committee investigating the government’s management of Covid-19.

Likewise, due to the arrival of the second wave of the disease which has killed 530,179 people so far and 18962,762 infected.

Lula’s intention to vote has been strengthened since he regained his political rights in March after a Federal Supreme Court judge overturned all sentences against him.

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