Throwing chairs on court, attacking judges: NBA coach was fired after a day of rage | Sports

His tantrum spread massively a week ago in the US, and now, as he himself revealed, he has ended up verifying his account at work.

Nick MooreGary Lighthouse College Prep Academy basketball coach, in Indiana, has been fired after attacking the referees of his team’s match against Bowman Academy.

according to TMZThe coach was upset by an alleged offense against one of his players and tried to throw a chair on the field, which was prevented by one of his assistants.

However, moments later, Moore took another chair and this time managed to throw him to the ground.. Unhappy with that, then he took a ball and threw it to the referees.

Therefore, the whistlers decided to expel him from the game. The Indiana High School Athletic Association has launched an investigation against him and now, Lighthouse College itself chose to expel him.

“The LCPA has relieved me of my coaching duties. I want to thank the parents and the players for letting me drive them every day, it has been a pleasure and a wonderful journey,” Moore said.

Before, the technician has already commented to the NWI Times saying, “I have had a chance to think. We talk to our kids about sportsmanship and we don’t tolerate technical mistakes and the kind of actions I’m showing.”

Moore concluded, “I never wanted any of my players to show this kind of behavior, so maybe I could have found a better way to respond.”

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