France, Germany and the United Kingdom concentrate 65% of exports of “Made in Spain” vehicles

France, Germany and the United Kingdom They are placed as major destinations for Export of cars produced in Spanish factories, With approximately 65% ​​of these models concentrated between January and November 2020.

According to data from the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac), compiled by Europa Press, France’s imports have accumulated 5,580 million euros in “Spanish” vehicles1.4% less, accounting for 25.8% of exports Spain cars.

For this part, 5,558 million vehicles From the euro it left Spain for Germany between January and November 2020, down 12.4%, and accounted for 25.7% of exports. The UK closed the “top three” with 2,766 million euros, down 31.8% and 12.8% of the total.

Italy ranks fourth as a destination Of “Spanish” cars, with 2,416 million euros, 22.7% less, followed by Belgium with 1,335 million, or 27.3% less; From Turkey, 733 million, 98.6% more; From Portugal 632 million, down 26.4%. From the United States, 526 million, down 9.4%. From the Netherlands, 476 million, 24.5% less, and from Poland 436 million euros, 36.5% less.

Importing vehicles

For this part, 25.8% of car imports from Spain came from Germany, With a value of € 2894 million, is 43.7% lower, while France is second with € 1,364 million, and is 49.5% and 12.2% less than the total.

Japan ranked third Of the cars that entered Spain between January and November 2020, with 870 million cars, 39.6% less and a 7.8% share, followed by the United Kingdom with 650 million, 47.5% less; From the Czech Republic 601 million, down 40.9%. From Turkey 567 million, down 41.9%. From South Korea 513 million, down 32.9%. From Slovakia 511 million, down 26.7%. From Italy, with 505 million, 39.7% less, and from Portugal, with 357 million, 28.1% less.

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As a whole exports of the total Spanish car sector (Vehicles and components) accumulated 37,273 million euros as of November, 15.9% less, while imports decreased by 28%, at a value of 26,609 million euros, leaving a positive balance of trade of 10664 million euros, an increase of 44.1%.

Component exports decreased by 21.6% to 8,649 million euros

specially, Automobile exports It amounted to 28.624 million euros, 14.1% less, and 12.968 million car imports, 35.5% less, with a positive balance of 15,656 million euros, 18.6% more.

from their side , Component exports It decreased by 21.6% to 8,649 million euros, while imports of auto parts decreased by 19% to 13,641 million. Thus the balance was negative, amounting to 4,992 million euros, an increase of 14%.

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