Thousands of terrifying UK storm landings go live

Bloomberg – YouTube channel Which broadcasts direct planes taking off and landing from London’s main Heathrow Airport, Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched the planes attempt to land at speeds of more than 61 mph attracted by Storm Eunice’s winds.

Big JetTV Watch up to 230,000 viewers simultaneouslywhen A Qatar Airways Airbus SE A380 double-decker plane from Doha made a third attempt to land. The channel is run by enthusiast Jerry Dyerwas already popular with aviation lovers and She has around 143,000 subscribers.

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled When the Met Office (UK Met Office) A red weather alert has been issued for London and southeast England, with winds of up to 80mph. (129 km) country leather hour. Warnings have also been issued for parts of South West England and South Walesand the storm It also affected the Netherlands, France, Germany and Ireland.

Dyer’s powerful accounts garnered applause on Twitter.

He told viewers, “Here we go, that’s better, that’s better.” When the A380 flew overhead and landed at about one in the afternoon., local time. “Wonderful. Well done, sir or madam.”

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This article was translated by Miriam Salazar

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