Costa Rica will require a transit visa for Cubans

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Text: Cuba Newsroom 360

Costa Rica’s Directorate of Immigration and Immigration has stated that Cubans will need a transit visa if they wish to make a stopover in their country, in order to “ensure that various airlines flying to Europe and the United States can transport these foreigners by a safe route”.

According to the EFE, Nicaragua is also included in the said measure, at the same time they announced that Venezuelans will have to apply for a visa at the Costa Rican consulate due to mass immigration to their country, in pursuit of a better standard of living.

“Changes in immigration policy around the world have led to differences in the mobility dynamics of these nationalities, through the various air, land and sea borders, through which other countries have adopted the visa application,” the authority details.

Since, in November 2021, Nicaragua approved the visa-free for Cubans, and the demand for travel has increased dramatically, some Cubans have used Costa Rica as a transit point to reach the nation ruled by Daniel Ortega, whose territory is a mandatory crossing for those of the largest of the Antilles who attempt Access to the United States via the southern border.

At the beginning of February, the Cuban airline clarified that so far there are no direct flights to Costa Rica.

Citizens who wish to travel to that country for the purpose of tourism are required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the estimated date of entry, book a round-trip air ticket, and prove their economic solvency. Bank account or other proof.

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