This will be the “new” museum of natural sciences in Valencia

he Museum of Natural Sciences in Valencia Preparing for a major digital transformation. Thanks to the project developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the museum will implement innovative interactive technologies, including Augmented reality, virtual tours and 3D moviesTo improve the visitor experience and enhance its modernization.

This modernization project aims to attract a wider audience and attract the attention of technology enthusiasts, both tourists and locals, who are looking for fun and immersive experiences in museums.

The project has a budget 894.000 euros, considers nine main actions. These include mobile application development Augmented reality, producing a 3D movie and providing the necessary equipment to watch itIn addition to creating three audio and video clips.

Two permanent interactive installations will also be developed: “History of Planet Earth” and “Cave of Hands”. In addition, two interactive mapping applications integrated into touch screens will be created for the Excavation Sites Room and the Archeology Room.

The project also includes the necessary furniture for the interactive facilities, the audio-visual renovation of the museum’s exhibition room, and the supply of computer accessories and systems.

Due to the technical complexity of the work, executive direction and pre-production of contents will be assigned by him Multidisciplinary team Experts in technology implementation project management, museology, paleontology, and scientific illustrators, among others. The budget of this service contract is more than €100,000 (excl. VAT).

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