Saltillo. General Hospital 2 loses power; Surgeries for the Millennium group have been rescheduled

Because of a Power supply failurehe District General Hospital with Family Medicine No. 2 in Saltillo People who were scheduled to undergo surgeries on Friday were left without attention, and the registration of specialty appointments was suspended.

While in Family Medicine Units No. 73 and 82 From the same city, there were also reports Problems in the specialized appointment registration systemAccording to what was confirmed during a tour of the aforementioned hospitals, in addition to what was confirmed by sources close to the institute.

Why were electrical malfunctions recorded?

At HGZ No. 2, at approximately 7:39 a.m., a power supply failure occurred. According to sources from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the report was prepared before Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) And for His employees came and started changing the valves A wiring problem has been detected Which goes towards the substation unit, so The need to change it has been identified.

for this reason The supplier was contacted in Monterrey, Nuevo Leónwho was scheduled to come to make the change, so It was estimated that the problem would be resolved on the same day.

But due to lack of energy, Surgeries that were on the agenda scheduled for today, Friday, January 12, have been rescheduledalthough the maximum time for which the rescheduling took place was not reported.

As was known, Diesel supply to the emergency lighting station is ensured for continuous operation of vital servicesThis is to provide supply to the cold vaccine network and pharmacy warehouse. As for Continuation of counseling and pharmacy services Although it is slower, because the whole process is done manually.

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The delay in registering appointments extends to clinics 82 and 73

It is worth noting that Last Monday after strong winds Which was recorded in Saltillo Family Medicine Unit No. 82 also reported a power outage during the morning Even its employees confirmed that the same problem also occurred at HGZ No. 2, although it was attributed to the wind.

In the Clinics 82 and 73 delayed registration of specialty appointmentsbecause in the first case, when trying to do this, the system rejected the requests, so patients were asked to come in the following days, and then they had to wait up to an hour for the registration to be completed.

In 73, it was decided to postpone the opening of specialized appointment schedules until next Monday, January 15This is due to malfunctions in the system, although some patients have been attending since December on the instructions of medical assistants who explained to them that due to the lack of a system, their registration had been rescheduled, although they also explained that there was no certainty that they could actually be given the appointment.

In this sense, sources close to IMSS Coahuila indicated that Errors in the appointment system were repeated Not only in the state but also in the rest of the country.


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