This was the start when Lewis Hamilton snatched the lead from Max Verstappen in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

* The start that Hamilton used in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Colored orange pulpit to support Max Verstappen The heat of the last race was marked by Formula 1 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Dutchman first began to fencing with Lewis Hamilton Who paralyzed the world, because he made first place in order.

The start was flawless. The remarkable departure of the British put you deserve In the best place, while young Holland Try to regain the privileged position. It was a great move by the UK legend to lead the race in a circuit Yas Marina.

Although the Englishman left the track at Turn Two due to the pressure of his opponent, the sport’s commissioners decided not to investigate the maneuver, since then Hamilton He regained his position and was not damaged by an attack Verstappen. is that the British have run out of course and had to resort to last resort to avoid collapse.

You must remember that pilot 36 years You will receive some 4 million pounds ($5.2 million) If he manages to stay with victory in the last race of the year. That’s a bonus he’s earned in six of the past seven seasons.

Hamilton See a little more 50 million US dollars Each season with the German team, but he also built his fortune from the various items that were his goals, and of course through his own lucrative personal sponsorship. He also recently sold a luxury penthouse apartment in New York that he left US$48.9 million.

for this part, Max Verstappenwho has 24 years Facing the prospect of his first title in the top class in motorsports, he’s a long way from the numbers Hamilton, which is the best salary since he ousted the Spaniards in 2014 from this position Fernando Alonso. young pilot Red Bull pocket 26 million US dollars as a base salary for each season and that can increase, with all bonuses, to 40 million.

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Hamilton s Verstappen They have reached the point definition level, with the young Dutchman having the slight advantage of being the one who won the most races this year (9), in addition to having more podiums (17) and more. columns (9). for this part, Hamiltonthat took over last year 11 wins, 10 columns and 14 platformsIt takes this year 8 wins, 16 podiums, 5 poles. However, it came from three consecutive victories in Brazil, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and in Abu Dhabi snappy in point.

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