This was the company’s reaction when they found out.

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WinRaR is a popular choice for decompressing files from the web, and like many Internet services, it initially offers Free trial period though Programming Installment

However, the curious thing about this particular company is that it does not force its users to make any payment in order to continue using the software. Additionally, it has been announced that native support for opening ZIP, RAR or TAR.GZ files will be coming to Windows 11 to replace WinRAR. Then there was someone who chose to pay it.

On June 1, 2023, an Italian developer named Luca D’Amico Shared on his account From, at that time, Twitter whose trial period had expired. To do so, he attached an invoice for 25.57 euros (about 527.43 pesos). WinRAR responded with humor and emotion, considering that it was a “full member of the family”.

Some users praised the company’s actions, although others thought it was The cost was high. to Programming From this category. Even some They suggested Interface and feature modifications to increase popularity..

WinRAR has proven its ability to communicate humor through the platform on several occasions. For example, after the aforementioned announcement of native Windows support, it posted a meme “This is good“On your profile.

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Purchases like the one made by D’Amico, which acquired WinRAR licenses, contribute greatly to Income of $15-25 million per year To the company. Therefore, it is understandable that the program will continue to receive support for many years to come, despite the new features included in Windows 11.

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