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“Sports store in central Barcelona. They came in search of a better life, and these are their customs and we must respect them no matter what.” With This message It’s spreading video Where alleged immigrants rob a store in Barcelona. but It’s a trick: Stealing This did not happen in Barcelona, ​​but in… Nike store in WattsLos Angeles, USA) On November 19, 2023.

By reverse searching one of the video frames we find that November 20, 2023 CBS News ran the story under this headline: “Caught on camera: Mass looting of Nike store, $12,000 worth of clothing stolen.”

Screenshot of a CBS newscast

In the pictures are the people who appear They take boxes and clothes from shelves and carry plastic bags. If we compare the video recorded in Los Angeles with the supposed images broadcast from Barcelona, ​​we see that they are the same due to details such as the background of the facility, the logo on the shirt of one of the people who committed the theft or the plastic bags they use.

Comparison of the video broadcast in Barcelona with the original video recorded in Los Angeles

according to CBS PublishingThe events occurred on Sunday November 19, 2023 in it Watts neighborhood, located in Los Angeles County, California. Police explained that 17 people between the ages of 15 and 20 entered the store and took items worth a total of $12,000. Other publications such as USA Today Wave BBC They also spread the news.

So, It is a hoax that this video shows migrants stealing from a store in Barcelona. The photos were recorded in a Nike store in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles (United States) on November 19, 2023. According to local media, 17 people entered the store and stole clothes worth $12,000.

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