These two iOS 17 features have been officially delayed until 2024

Apple has delayed two iOS 17 features that were scheduled to arrive before the end of 2023.

Apple has delayed two iOS 17 features until 2024

After the release of iOS 17.2, which may be the last iPhone update of the year, it’s clear There are two iOS 17 features that Apple announced months ago but won’t arrive until 2024. These new features are expected to arrive with the theoretical update to iOS 17.3 at the beginning of the year.

In theory, these functions were supposed to arrive in 2023, however Apple has updated its website to officially postpone these two features to next year. AirPlay in hotels and collaborative Apple Music playlists have been officially delayed until 2024.

iPhone 15 on a standing table

Two iOS 17 features haven’t been released yet and won’t arrive this year

Apple postpones two iOS 17 features

The first jobs to be postponed are Apple Music collaborative playlists. This novelty appeared in the first beta versions of iOS 17.2, but apparently it did not work well at all and Apple decided to postpone it until everything worked properly.

With Apple Music collaborative playlists Multiple users will be able to create and join a playlistAdd and remove songs and comment on them.

Invite your group to participate in a playlist to create an epic soundtrack. You can up and down as you please, and send Now Playing emojis to comment on great songs.

iPhone 15 on the table

These two iOS 17 features have been delayed until 2024

On the other side, AirPlay function in your hotel room It was announced in the official presentation of iOS 17 and we have not seen any trace of it yet. This new feature allows hotel guests to connect an iPhone or iPad to an in-room TV by scanning a unique QR code.

You’ll soon be able to use AirPlay in hotel rooms compatible with this feature. Scan the QR code on the in-room TV and enjoy videos, photos and music on your iPhone on the full screen. With complete security.

iOS 17 has many tricks and of course these two functions are very interesting, although we will have to continue to wait. We’ll have to wait for iOS 17.3 To see if Apple decides to launch these two features. The iOS 17.3 beta will likely be released this week, but the final update won’t arrive until late January or February.

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