This Thursday, the city of Benalmádena celebrates its 14th Science Fair

Another year, Benalmádena celebrates again the usual Science Fair, an event organized by the local council and the Marbella-Coín Center for Educators (CEP), dedicated to schoolchildren in the municipality, whose purpose is nothing but to raise awareness and recognition of the work of this important branch. For this fourteenth edition of the event, which will take place on Thursday, April 27, the chosen venue is once again the Plaza de la Mezquita.

On this occasion, La Paloma School, Malaga Communications, Museum of Science and Technology of Malaga, Maravillas School, Benalmádena Institutes, Poetas Andalucez, Albaytar and Arroyo de la Miel will participate in this event. All of them, students and professionals from the sector, gathered in the same place where they could have fun while learning. “The science fair aims to instill in students the love of science and the research interest that every student should have,” endorses the local advisor for education, E.J. Pablo Centella.

CEP Marbella-Coín Director Rosa Maria Arcos appreciates that this initiative offers the public “an opportunity to meet future researchers in our country, discovering their experiences and research on site”. To which he adds: “It represents the culmination of a very intense work, in which the teachers taught what the scientific method consists of, motivating the students to formulate hypotheses, design experiments and, above all, reach conclusions,” he said in Director Value ».

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