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“Carpool Karaoke,” the popular segment created by British broadcaster James Corden, has just premiered its farewell class and has been a guest star of Adele. The singer prepared a nice surprise for her old friend, who is saying goodbye to the small screen after several successful seasons.

“Carpool Karaoke” was a recurring segment on the popular American show “The Late Late Show” hosted by James Corden. At these blocks, the presenter invited the musical stars to sing in a car, while they both made a fun trip. After several seasons, the clip bids farewell to the screen’s audiences’ grief, but does so in the most emotional of ways, with Adele as a guest star.

In the final chapter of the block, which premiered on YouTube, The singer surprised longtime boyfriend James Corden while he was still resting at his home. After waking him up, he invites him to perform his last “Carpool Karaoke”. “It’s the last week of the show, so I’ll drive you to work,” Adele told the host.

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This is the first time the roles have been reversed: Corden is the co-driver and Singer is the driver. During the trip they talked about their friendship, the final days of the show, and how the famous clip came about. This latest episode went viral on social media.

On the trip, Adele is moved to remember how James helped her get through her divorce a few years earlier. In addition, both of them listed the difficult moments in which they were present for each of them. “You are one of my best friends. I will miss you so much,” Adele admitted at the end of the show.

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Both the “Carpool Karaoke” segment and “The Late Late Show” say goodbye to the small screen After Corden decides to take a new path, leaving the United States to return to his homeland: the United Kingdom.

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