This Saturday, the second science fair at Tecoman –

It will be held on Saturday (9) in Tecoman the The second science exhibitionwhich organizes a group of about 30 colleagues Scientists From all over the state, researchers from various institutions who, in their personal capacities, will be at the University facilities from 11 to 2 p.m. House of Culture.

Jesús Enrique Castrejon Antonio, a doctoral researcher and one of the participants in this exhibition, pointed out that the goal is promotion investigation Through dynamics, games and simple exhibitions so that children and parents learn a little about science.

“It is about awakening children's curiosity and making them see that through research questions they can be solved. Researchers from the fields of health, chemical, biological and agricultural sciences will participate in the conference.

Depending on the region, some (safe) experiments will be carried out as well as exhibitions and demonstrations to answer certain questions. “We will have an insect exhibition and with some interaction dynamics with some companions.”

Castrejón Antonio highlighted that current trends related to social networks have generated a lack of interest in some areas of science, and “reinforced that we have young people who are less interested in studying disciplines such as chemical sciences and biological sciences.”

He admitted that it is a bit worrying, but they are working on this type of exercise to encourage curiosity among the population, “There are interesting scientific disciplines and introducing them is a way to redirect children to explore the possibility of it. education“.

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