Kate Middleton will return to public life in the UK two months later than scheduled

After hours They saw Kate Middleton for the first time after her abdominal surgery on January 16And disturbing rumors were raised about his health Princess of Wales In recent weeks, it was finally known when William's wife, the Crown Prince, would return to public life.

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Although the official statement issued by the British Royal Family after Kate's intervention, He signed up on Easter – which is celebrated at the end of March – as the date on which he will resume his obligations, But in the end it will not happen until June when the daughter-in-law of King Carlos III appears again at an official event.

In the absence of official confirmation from Kingston Palace, this was the method Sky News that The Princess of Wales's long-awaited return has been scheduled for two months later than expected When he underwent surgery.

The British channel reported, citing the Ministry of Defence It will be June 8 when Kate returns to public life to attend the Trooping The Color concert. One of the most huge and colorful events held in the United Kingdom which the British Royal Family presides over every year from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Kate has been recovering from surgery, which she underwent at her home in Windsor since January 29. When he left the London Clinic, a private hospital where his father-in-law was also admitted, King Charles III, to treat a prostate problem that later led to the king being declared afflicted with cancer.

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The operation of the 42-year-old princess, one of the most famous royal figures, Keep her in the hospital for thirteen days, and created questions about his illness. Her husband spent several days with her at her residence and then returned to official events.

William and his wife, Queen Camilla, are the only members of the royal family so far Who have public events scheduled on their agendas.

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