This Lenovo tablet is being sold at a great discount for a limited time

The device we are talking about is one that provides excellent portability, as it only weighs 310 grams… one of the best you can find (dimensions are as follows: 21.1 x 12.4 x 0.83 cm). This, among other things, is achieved because the screen included in this model is Eight inches, Which is enough to enjoy multimedia content as well as other applications like games. By the way, the resolution of this IPS component is High resolutionTherefore, it does its job perfectly.

As far as flagship devices are concerned, as we said, this is a solvent model, but the maximum performance possible should not be expected from it. With a processor inside Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 and 2 GB of RAM, The Android OS is used with good efficiency, and most of the apps work without problems (for example browsers, as well as clients like YouTube itself). To what was indicated before, we must add that Storage 16 gigsIf that wasn’t enough for you, you should have no problem expanding it with microSD cards, that is, Lenovo TAB4 8 is completely complete.

Good opportunity for this Lenovo tablet for sale

You can now take advantage of a discount on eBay that allows you to purchase the equipment we are talking about For only 85 eurosWhich is one of the lowest prices seen for this model so far. There is a nice additional detail This is a complete tablet The is that you don’t have to pay anything for shipping at this time, so you don’t have to take too long to make the decision, as you can miss this opportunity. We leave the purchase link for this WiFi and Bluetooth model without leaving home.

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Things that make this product so recommended

One of them is that he has enjoyed excellent independence ever since It exceeds eight hours With the screen always on, which makes it a great solution when going on a trip, for example playing a children’s movie in the car, this is achieved because their devices are not very demanding due to their having a battery exceeding 5000 mAh. Therefore, in this section you will be completely satisfied with the Lenovo TAB4 8, especially if you evaluate the dimensions and weight of this model.

Lenovo TAB4 8 Tablet Screen

The Lenovo tablet offered isn’t lacking in a couple, either Stereo Speakers Good quality, and also cameras that cannot conduct video conferencing with acceptable quality. That is, everything that is required in a team of this type is not lacking what we refer to and this is what is presented.

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