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There is no doubt that the channel section WhatsApp It was one of the best functions that the Meta developers added to the above-mentioned messaging platform in 2023, since it serves not only to receive free information of interest to you, if you are a follower, if you are an administrator, it can also be used for profitable purposes.

WhatsApp improves channels frequentlyFor example: it included the option to forward messages, share stickers, audio recordings, send photos or videos and organize them into albums if there are more than three, space to check if there are reports, etc.

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There's also the option to set up to 12 admins if you don't have time to create content. One of the supervisors? Have you shared inappropriate messages and files or accidentally sent something you didn't want? Don't worry, its in Debord We will tell you how to get rid of it “for everyone” even if it has been several days.

This is how you can delete 'for everyone' messages on your WhatsApp channel

  • First, check it out WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the application.
  • The next step is to click on the “News“Which is at the bottom.
  • Scroll down to the “Channels“And enter the channel you manage.
  • Using srcoll, find the message you want to delete.
  • Keep pressing it for a few seconds until it is shaded.
  • Some of the above options will be enabled > Tap on the trash can icon.
  • Finally, press “”Delete for everyone“.
  • It is optional to check the “Also delete from gallery” box, this means the photo or video will disappear from your cell phone.
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Did you like this new information about WhatsApp? Did you learn a useful trick? This app is full of new “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more feedback WhatsApp In Debord, that's it. what are you waiting for?

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