This is what a big update for Xiaomi looks like

xiaomi has MIUI 13 interface Almost ready and arrived at mobile phones In a few weeks. The new personalization layer for the company’s phones is a real novelty and it’s not MIUI 12.5.0 Update, a layer designed for debugging. MIUI 13 interface will arrive with Important news in jobs, interface design And many more details. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be necessary Update to android 12 To be able to get it, so any user has a file xiaomi mobile Relatively modern May to update.

This is what the MIUI 13 design looks like in videos

Thanks from China Xiaomi A series of videos have been leaked revealing MIUI 13 design In some places the interface. They are short videos that only show certain parts or functions such as infinite scroll and new Toolbox Exit by one or some of the cards that will appear in the settings.

Of course, it is difficult to know what the entire system will look like or know all the functions that will arrive, something that will be revealed in the official presentation. At the moment it is possible to find out MIUI 13 interface Will focus on animation, file redesign Icons And every part of the interface adds new functionality.

This new class of Xiaomi . personalization Getting one of the biggest redesigns in their entire history, so it will be very interesting to see how much they can to update Various devices of the company around the world.

For western stations, it is likely that until 2022 there will be no news about stable or beta updates. The first quarter of 2022 will be chosen by Xiaomi to distribute MIUI 13 Consistently in many of its catalog.

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