This mini PC with up to 2TB and 16GB of RAM goes for just €199

Mini computers have become one of the preferred alternatives for everyone looking to own a desktop computer Don't take anything. They are ideal for an office environment, for example, and even for working remotely from the comfort of home. You won't need a large desk, nor will you need a lot of space for your computer. Moreover, sometimes that will be enough for you Place it behind the screen itself.

This little computer we are bringing today is from the company Nebuji, which is one of the best-selling products on Amazon currently. To give you an idea, it was sold just last month More than 100 units. And their reviews couldn't be better! With over 460 reviews, it currently has an average rating 4.6 That will leave you completely speechless.

Compatible with 4K and up to 2TB storage capacity

Like any good self-respecting mini PC, we're talking about a computer so small you can put it in any corner. To give you an idea, there are those who prove it with VESA mount Behind the screen itself. Or someone who hangs it on the wall, or hides it under the screen.

However, what is undeniable is that it takes up little space and saves little space good performance. Additionally, it has two HDMI ports, so you can connect two displays at the same time and work in multi-monitor mode.

If we move to the internal section, you should know that it contains Intel Alder Lake N100 processorIdeal for standard use. It's not a PC designed for using heavy applications or playing video games, though, and you'll be surprised by its performance. In addition, it has no more or less RAM 16 GB.

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As for the internal storage, you will enjoy it 512 GB Already installed. But, in case you need it, you can easily expand it up to 2TB. This way, you won't know the limits.

NiPoGi Mini PC from Amazon

One of the strengths of this mini computer is that, despite its small size, it has Connection Which many other devices would like to have. To give you an idea, in addition to the two HDMI ports, it has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone connector, as well as an Ethernet port. Of course, it does not lack Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This little computer has hit rock bottom on Amazon

In addition to everything we mentioned, you should know what Windows 11 Pro comes with. Thanks to this, you will forget to update! In addition, it is one of the most featured versions of Windows.

This is a small computer that we recommend to those who work in offices or from home, for those who want Stady Or simply have a computer to consult. Which is so for 199 euros Which now costs on Amazon, it makes a great gift!

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