This is their Christmas special

Kew Gardens lights up for Christmas

Christmas has already begun in Spanish cities. Madrid and Barcelona were the first to light up Christmas, an event that was added to the list of essential places that tourists must visit. This also happened in United kingdomspecifically in Kew Gardens. It is one of the areas that attracts the largest number of visitors during holidays. They are expected to attend this year 6000 people To appreciate the wonderful spectacle of lights and music.

“It’s covered 6 kilometers “From LED strips with fairy lights,” is how climbing expert Cecily Withall describes it. To present this exhibition, it is necessary to carefully work for three weeks and four climbers.

A more sustainable offer from 2022

The first lighting of the gardens took place in 2013, and since last year they have been working to make it more continuous: Reducing consumption by 50%. The team behind these facilities strives to be considerate of the environment and animals. They live in Kew Gardens wild animals, Like badgers and bats, they are species that suffer from photosynthesis. “We work around our badger skins, so we take everything into account,” says Deir Basra, head of event operations.

The exhibition, which will run until January 7, 2024, hopes to bring together about 6,000 people in the world’s largest plant collection. Tourists will be able to visit The moderate housea large Victorian glass palace where a large number of threatened species are monitored at controlled temperatures; And the curious Davies Alpine House, with its striking high mountain vegetation. With 120 hectares of lawn, orchards, a large oak tree and its sculptures, the gardens are ready for the celebration to begin filling one of the UK’s most famous locations with light and magic.

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