This is the school of the future Queen of Spain with students of different origins

about three months ago leonorThe future Queen of Spain left her home for the United Kingdom to study. The new monastery Leonor, the 15-year-old and eldest daughter of Felipe and Letizia, is the boarding school where she will be for the next two years. its name UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where he will earn an International Bachelor’s degree.

The institution, which was founded 60 years ago and was one of the first institutions to offer the IB degree in the world, has 350 students and receives students of all nationalities and social groups, because although it is expensive, it welcomes students. Full or partial scholarships. NSIn the case of Leonor, the Spanish monarchs will pay her tuition fees of 76,482 euros. In local currency it will be about 334 million Colombian pesos.

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At the UWC, there is no special treatment for anyone, which means that there is Leonor and no one should tell her Highness or Princess, in fact, some young royals from all over the world have been sent there, precisely because families are looking for a little Normal life. Among them are William Alexander, King of the Netherlands, Princess Raya bint Hussein, daughter of King Hussein, and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Jobs, duties and schedules

In the old castle, now converted into a monastery of high catechism, Leonor shares a room with three other students, since there are no single bedrooms, all in quadruple accommodation. In terms of cleaning these things, students are responsible for these tasks, which include making the bed to cleaning up the mess. Likewise, Leonor also develops two compulsory weekly hours of social work; Plus two physical activity or a specific sport and two other sports of art. On weekends you should take care of your food and you should always sleep early.

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During the week, classes are from 8 am to 1 pm, then they have lunch time and after that, lessons are given to do their homework.

Boarding school holidays are short, too. Leonor will return to her mansion for the end-of-year festivities and once the holidays have passed, she will return to the boarding school where she is another student.

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