This is the new announcement for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service created by Microsoft that gives us, for a monthly fee, access to a large library of video games that we can play without restrictions. Among its main points, it stands out Xbox exclusive offers arrive on Xbox Game Pass the same day they launch. But that’s not all, because thanks Union with EA PlayPlayers of Microsoft’s successful subscription service can also enjoy a range of Electronic Arts titles.

Yes good, Xbox Game Pass has proven to be a money making machineThanks to the wide variety of games it includes in its extensive catalog. Of course, many new users may get a little lost with the large number of games available on both console, PC and cloud games, therefore, the new Xbox game pass ad It shows us how to discover our next favorite game on the service.

What can Ubisoft+ bring to Xbox and Game Pass in the future?

Microsoft Determined to give us more and add new games to the catalog during 2022, which looks very exciting with titles like Starfield, STALKER 2, Redfall, Atomic Heart or A Plague Tale Requiem, among other great games. Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and enjoy unlimited exciting adventures, many of which are available since launch day.

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