The millionaire boxer offered Will Smith and Chris Rock to confront each other in the ring

Jake Paul gave an exciting show to orchestrate the fight between the heroes of the final installment of the Oscars

The Oscars 2022 The biggest scandal in its 94-year history was affected when the famous actor was will Smith Climb to the main platform to stop standing Chris Rock He slapped him in the face in front of the eyes of the world To make a joke on his wife’s hair Minutes before the moment he won the bust for Best Actor.

During his winning speech, Smith was emotional and admitted that “love makes you do crazy things”, but finally He did not apologize to Rook for his actions. The request for pardon was addressed to the Academy and its fellow candidates. confirmed rock Los Angeles Police (Los Angeles Police) that he will not press charges of unexpected assault.

Will’s collapse lasted for a few seconds as he returned to his seat repeatedly shouting: “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.”. After that, the crowd fell into stunned silence as it became clear that the attack was real and ineffective. Chris Rock responded by saying, “I’ll do that, okay?” Historical scene closed: “That was the best night in TV history”.

Jake Paul offered to meet Will Smith and Chris Rock in an episode in August
Jake Paul offered to meet Will Smith and Chris Rock in an episode in August

The show’s live broadcast was delayed a few seconds for the US and the production took advantage of those precious seconds to silence Smith’s swearing. From the comfort of his home, YouTuber turned into a boxer Jake Paul, who was unbeaten in five professional fights, was quick to respond to the controversy with a meme a fan made for him. “Not possible. That’s crazy haha”Wrote.

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A few minutes later, he’s back in the fray with an offer of the night’s heroes at the Oscars to officially face each other above the ring: “I have $15 million for Will Smith and another $15 million for Chris Rock ready to go. Let’s do it in August on my billboard.” Although it seemed like a joke at first, Paul got back into battle with a public consultation of his four million followers. “Someone got me on the phone with boxing representative Will Smith ASAP.”He consulted his audience.

It should be noted that the last time Jake fought was in December 2021 when he knocked out the former champion Tyrone Woodley Knockout in the sixth round. The influencer is aiming for a sixth professional fight in five months, although it is unknown who will be up against him. Also, Paul wasn’t the only person in the sport who gave his reaction. UFC President, Dana WhiteWrote: “Finally, there’s the Oscars to watch! Chris Rock has stamina on that chin.”

Jake Paul insists on getting Will Smith's contact number
Jake Paul insists on getting Will Smith’s contact number

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