This is the docuseries arriving on Netflix with one of the UK's latest criminal cases – FMDOS

Although the title might make you think that this is a youth production, Will you keep a secret? Talk about it One of the largest and most recent cases of cyberbullying in the UK.

In this production Only two chapters tell a case matthew hardy, And how he disrupted the lives of dozens of English women, through… An intense and full-length story that brings the case to life through the testimony of three of its victims.

Young English women Abby, Zoe and Leah They come to Netflix To face the cameras and Share with the audience what a real nightmare they started living a few years ago.

The true story behind the Netflix docuseries Will You Keep a Secret?

This case was hers Beginnings in the mid-2000sWhen DrMany young people began receiving messages through their social networks in which they were told that they had information about them.

But it hasn't stopped here since then Their families and friends also received text messages containing lies about women, Which severely damaged his reputation. This was the beginning of a period of intense pain, harassment, threats and manipulation, and little by little they began to feel more fear and pain.

how to operate Hardy He was Creating fake accounts impersonating the victim To obtain information, spread false rumours, send private photos, and even engage in sexual conversations with their friends' parents and partners, Which makes everyone not trust them.

Credits: Web Archive

What happened to Matthew Hardy?

The police discovered that he was Hardy, An autistic man who deeply resented those who rejected him when he was a teenagerAnd sought to destroy women's lives.

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Despite the evidence available to them, the criminal managed to evade justice for years. He was arrested 10 times, but he was free, as the law was not yet enforceable in this type of case. Finally, in January 2022, Matthew Hardy He was sentenced Nine years in prison for five crimes From harassment.

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