Bangladesh, Pakistan and India were the countries with the most air pollution in 2023

Bangladesh, Pakistan and India include the list of packages with the first day of the world in 2023, publicized by the company with IQAir, there are thousands of contaminación that many old miles of the world in the region and millions of people in the world the world.

IQAir said in its annual report that Bangladesh saw an annual average of PM2.5 particles, which are the most harmful to human health, more than fifteen times higher than that recommended by the World Health Organization.

Total 79.9 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) on average in 2023, compared to the WHO-recommended maximum of 5 µg/m3.

Pakistan, with 73.7 micrograms/m3 annually, and India, with 54.4 micrograms/m3 annually, complete the list of the most polluted countries in the world in a region that shares sources of air pollution such as emissions from factories, burning bricks and straw, or the use of solid fuels for cooking and heating in the winter.

Other geographic and climatic factors contribute to the accumulation of air pollution in the region, highlighted IQAir, which noted that it could “move towards Bangladesh” during the stubble burning season in northern India, Nepal and Pakistan.

However, IQAir highlighted how brick factories and vehicle emissions contribute to most of the pollution in Bangladesh.

The company said that “95% of the population lives within one kilometer of a brick factory” in that Asian country, and most of them work illegally.

According to data from the Swiss organization, the air quality in the most polluted cities in these countries has declined in recent years despite the adoption of various measures by local authorities.

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Authorities in Pakistan's Punjab province, which until recently was home to the world's most polluted city, Lahore, have taken measures such as banning stubble burning and launching public transport services.

In terms of the most polluted cities, New Delhi ranks first as the most polluted city in the world, followed by Dhaka and the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou.

High levels of air pollution deprive residents of major cities in the region of up to five years of life on average, according to some studies, and the World Health Organization estimates that about two million people die prematurely in South Asia.

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