This is the accessory that Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Bella Hadid wear everywhere

this year, Rihanna Put them back on our radar by popping in cargo pants, rectangular sunglasses, and oversized bucket hat In pink it matches her head of the same tone. Then, following the trend of monochromatic looks, Riri appeared alongside Asap Rocky in a pink dress that matched another of these pieces, this time with a bigger, less structured and more intense color than the first. Fluffy like a cloud.

A little time passed and Dua Lipa was the last of celebrities A self-proclaimed fan of these pieces, the singer in September posted on her personal Instagram account a picture with bucket hat Classically printing press Leopard.

Dua Lipa wore large and small pieces from the same designer.

Beside two s riri They wore this accessory and made him the hero of their novels a lookAnd Miley Cyrus He did, too, but about three years ago. The brown piece shares the spotlight with all his clothes clothesespecially with T-shirt, con la leyenda “Protect the children, not the guns.”

Miley Cyrus
In 2018, Miley wore ‘Hazel Bucket’.

Although the silhouette of this piece is designed to protect from the sun’s rays, fake fur Did you make it perfect for wear during the cold season, proof? Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer He also used it a few days ago during one of his book ‘My Body’ presentations in the UK. model collection between furry hat (Very similar to the one Miley wore in 2018) with a trench And some tall boots in printing press .

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