This is ‘Station Eleven’, the HBO Max series that explores life after a deadly pandemic

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HBO Max Exploring life after the pandemic in Eleventh StationBut those who want to escape COVID-19 in fiction can rest assured. Series Patrick Somerville Adapted to a novel published in 2014 by emily st john (Edited in Spain by Kallas). Among the fans of the general story stands out George RR Martin (author game of Thrones declared as his favorite novel of the year) and awards Arthur C Clark, aiming to identify the best science fiction novel in the UK.Eleventh Station HBO Max hits December 16.

An unexpected deadly virus is decimating humanity as we know it: there are no longer trains or the Internet, not even cities, just hostile settlements for the occasional visitor. In this bleak panorama, a small group of actors and musicians decide to create a traveling symphony in order to keep a trace of humanity. The problems are not over yet. A violent prophet will threaten the coals of civilization.

“That strange and horrific moment was the happiest moment of my life,” says one of the protagonists in the first preview of A story that seeks hope after ruin. Eleventh Station . will be set In different timelines, though, how she is presented to the viewer remains a mystery even after seeing their first photos.

Mackenzie Davis (Stop and catch the fire), Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the woods), Himesh Patel (yesterday), Daniel Didweiler (P Valley), Matilda Lawler (evil) And David Willmott (BarskinsHere are some of the actors who will be starring in the new series directed by Patrick Somerville idiot Para Netflix y Made for love Para HBO Max. More interesting to develop Eleventh Station he is Your participation in leftovers, one of the classic HBO movies that was already dealing with life after a tragedy.

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“Station Eleven” will premiere on HBO Max on December 16.

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