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Yesterday my father called me because he was having a problem with his phone. The problem is that with age one tends to have less control over technology, and from time to time he asks me how to do something. This time I wanted to know if I could Use your smartphone data to connect your tablet to the InternetBecause I didn’t have Wi-Fi where I was.

I explained to him that it was possible. You have to configure the access point on your phone and search for it as if it were any other network on your tablet. It took us a while, but he finally got it done. However, if you had learned about this post yesterday, Everything would have been much faster. So you can share your screen when you are on a video call with someone on WhatsApp.

How to share screen on WhatsApp

Thanks to the latest WhatsApp update, We can now share our screens While we are on a video call. It’s a function that seems to be taken from Zoom, but in many cases, like the one I just told you about, it will be particularly useful. Doing this is very simple:

  • Start a video call
  • Click on the share screen icon
  • Click on “Start Broadcasting”
Screenshots provided by Javier Marquez de Zataca

You can stop sharing your screen at any time by clicking Stop Sharing. We have noticed that it is a bit slow. It has latency and there are cuts, for that Maybe for teaching videos or games, it is not recommended much. Still, it’s a step in the right direction. As far as META is, when it does it right, it is said.

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