Beijing is optimistic about the upcoming Group of 77 plus China summit in Cuba

In response to a question from Prensa Latina, the Asian giant’s Foreign Ministry confirmed its support for Al Jazeera as the rotating chair of this group and expressed its desire that the event contribute positively to strengthening solidarity.

Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed optimism about this summit and its ability to deepen cooperation between developing countries with the aim of joint response to common challenges.

The diplomacy of this Asian country emphasized that the Group of 77 plus China is a cooperative mechanism that protects international justice and defends the common interests of its members.

Cuba has called for a summit of heads of state and government of the Group of 77 plus China to be held in Havana next September under the slogan “Current Development Challenges. The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation”.

Recently, that Caribbean nation’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, declared that the meeting would be necessary in the midst of the multisectoral global crisis.

He added that it will be a very important event in the face of the processes occurring on a global scale and will provide underdeveloped countries with strategies in this order, especially in the context of Covid-19 after the pandemic.

Cuba assumed the interim presidency of the group last January, which is the first time that the Caribbean country leads this mechanism.

This year, Havana hosted events related to the Group of 77 plus China, including meetings of the ministers of education, culture and tourism of the member states.

Created in June 1964, this consultative group is the largest and most diverse in the multilateral field, with 134 member states.

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