This is how the start and error evolved

Windows He has been with us for 35 years. Its first version was released in November 1985, Although, it was nothing more than a graphical extension of MS-DOS. However, over the years she was achieving success after launch Windows 3.0And it really blew up with Windows 95 operating system. In all those years, not only did its aesthetics and functions change, but the sounds also evolved with the system.

Among these we find the operating system startup sounds, as well as error sounds. Depending on whether we restart our computer often, we are likely to hear the second more than the first, since Windows and errors have always been staggered.

Did you know Windows 10 also has a startup sound?

If we go to Startup soundsHere we find many OS classics. Depending on your age, the first ones you recognize will likely be Windows 95, Windows 98, or of course Windows XP, which is probably the most we’ve heard because it was the best version of Windows within one of each.

The Windows Vista s Windows 7 It’s also quite recognizable, but Windows 8 likely doesn’t sound familiar to you. This is because Microsoft has already started disabling startup sounds by default with Windows 8, and with Windows 10 the same thing happens. However, both OS versions are still intended for them, and we already showed at that time how to activate the startup sound in Windows 10. In this section, you might also be able to solve sound problems in Windows 10.

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Error Sounds: Beware of PTSD

Error sounds are perhaps the most feared sounds to hear on a file Windows operating system. At the same time Windows 10 operating system Critical errors are hard to find, in the past it was common to have errors and failures that could leave your computer down completely.

Stretching over time, the first bugs we frequently associate with bugs are those in Windows 98 and Me, but Windows XP is undoubtedly the one we associate the most with Windows. As of late, Windows 10 is one of the systems that unfortunately we still hear today. In this case, we see how Microsoft has increasingly toned down the bugs, so much so that in Windows 10 it looks like it’s a good thing.

And you, who do you remember with the most affection and hate?

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